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Upcoming Event: Review Day

Date of review:   Tuesday 24th of June, 2019.
Venue:                       From 9am until 4pm.
Venue:                       Great Hall, Strand Campus
Venue:                       Kings College London
Venue:                       London WC2R 2LS     
                                      How to get to M4L Review Day     

newsletter:            Issue 4 May 2019 

The problem @maths_4_life is designed to address:
"They can do the algorithm....but ask them any question where they have to decide which algorithm to use...."

@maths_4_life Lead teachers what would be your response....
@Loumeracy @trueman_debbie @C_Atwell_Maths @martinnewton112

By coincidence with @Collab_LR looking at #mathsknowledge for early algebraic thinking this Friday One task we are looking at is this from Grade 4 Japanese text book.... #mathscpdchat #MathsChat

"Variation unplugged" is now on and guaranteed to be very nearly jargon-free. Maybe.

Meeting of Lead Teachers yesterday brought together all our efforts of the year and highlighted how @maths_4_life can make a real difference to students who find maths bamboozling.The dialogic learning we watched in our video clips is truly inspirational

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