Maths-4-Life is a professional development programme that is designed to both support change in the teacher and improve GCSE results for students.

The resources developed over the course of this year have been extensively trialled with students aged 16 to 18 and with adult learners.

We have worked with 20 lead teachers from FE colleges around the country to ensure the resources are suitable for the specific needs of GCSE re-sit students.  These are some of the comments from our lead teachers about what they learnt after teaching the first Maths-4-Life lesson.

"I enjoy asking more deep questions"

"I really enjoy teaching reasoning"

"Trust the students - don't intervene too early"

"Sometimes I need to stop and step back 
to let learning occur"

"How questions are asked is really important"


There is a consistent focus on developing opportunities for students to discuss and make sense of the mathematics they’re doing.  As a result of this it’s been a privilege to witness students gain in confidence as they explore misconceptions and mistakes.  Furthermore, this growth in understanding is continually checked by returning to look at GCSE exam style questions.

As part of the project teachers work together in an adjusted form of lesson study.  This involves meeting to understand the lessons, watching colleagues teach and reflecting on the learning that takes place.  These sessions will be guided by lead teachers from FE colleges across the country that have worked with us this year to develop the programme.