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By coincidence with @Collab_LR looking at #mathsknowledge for early algebraic thinking this Friday One task we are looking at is this from Grade 4 Japanese text book.... #mathscpdchat #MathsChat

"Variation unplugged" is now on and guaranteed to be very nearly jargon-free. Maybe.

Meeting of Lead Teachers yesterday brought together all our efforts of the year and highlighted how @maths_4_life can make a real difference to students who find maths bamboozling.The dialogic learning we watched in our video clips is truly inspirational

And Matt Woodford's pentagonal prowess will become legendary.

I've been involved this year. Great experience and changed the way I teach. But most valuable of all is the lesson study which has given me more insights into how my students learn. We developed the resources so that they are bob on for GCSE resits.

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